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Chaozhou Chaoan Guoqiang Printing Co, Ltd.

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Wide Range of Products to Choose From
  We have rich experience and we can supply a variety of programs of packaging bags and film. 
We mainly provide beverage packaging films, food packaging films, food packaging bags, shrink sleeve films.
  Our flagship products are stand up pouch, zipper pouch, middle sealing gusseted pouch, three sides sealing pouch, flat bottom pouch, special-shaped pouch, vacuum pouch, aluminum foil pouch, stand-up pouch with spout, trilateral envelop, shrink label and lidding film.



  Chaozhou Chaoan Guoqiang Printing Co, Ltd. that founded in 2000, is located in packaging first town of Anbu, which is in China's southern coastal city. Our city has a long history in packaging industry and has advanced printing technology. In transportation, we have a geographical advantage. We are close to seaport, airport and railway station. Either by sea, land, or air, is very convenient.



Advanced Printing Condition

  Our factory has advanced equipment including high-speed 10-color rotogravure presses, dry laminators, extruders and bag sealing machines. We can deliver your orders in 10 to 20 days.
 Printing:10-color high speed gravure printing machine
Laminating: high speed dry laminated machine, and high speed solvent free composite machine
Cutting: slitting machine
Pouch converting: multifunction bag making machine


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Contact us if you have any question, and we trust that you will like our quality and our services.